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The 2020 Audies is in the history books now...and we had Stephen King as part of our festivities, as well as Mo Rocca and a host of audiobook stars!  Here are a few images from this year.  Enjoy!

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About Shifter's First Bite / by Deanna Chase

Happybunnytsu says:

"Love this series always humor with dash of drama and pinch of love! Narrator is awesome."

Denise K says:

"Just as fun to listen to as it was to read! The narrator, Traci Odom, did a wonderful narration of the story and characters."

About Christmas Cover-up / by Lynnette Eason

Carol says:

"Great story and narrator. I am already a fan of Lynette Eason’s books, but I don’t always think much of the narrators. Traci Odom is one of the best!"

About Heart of the Assassins / by Stacey Brutger

A. Marcum says:

"Couldn't stop listening to it...I failed to respect the next morning on several occasions (stayed up way too late!)"

About Bryce: The Player, Book 1 by Nana Malone

Ursula says:

"Perfect narrators -- Traci and Sebastian complement each other's style well. They made this a very enjoyable listen."

Kidfirst81 says:

"I love these narrators together - Sebastian is a go to for me but Traci is new to me. These two complement each other well in the book and their reading styles worked wells and make for a great audio book. I would buy a book with these two together anytime and give them all 5 stars."

Jan says:

"The narrators for this book were top notch, and they both did an impressive job. I found this book to be totally original."

About MindSighted: BlackWing Pirates by Connie Suttle

Claire, from America, says:

"I've listened to quite a few and this one is brilliant as always. Traci is my favorite female narrator. the level of skill she brings to her recordings makes them second to none in my opinion. The range of voices she is able to bring to life is so vast I have to remind myself sometimes that they're all produced by one person."

Christopher, from Epping NH, says:

"The narrator did an excellent job. Great tempo and voicing. Way to go Traci Odom."

About Blood Redemption by Connie Suttle

Cool Liz says:

"I think Traci Odom should continue next with The Saa Thalarr Series, High Demon Series & The God Wars Series. I love all her works. I understand how much of a strain it must be to keep up with so many character voices. that is why it is important for her fans to tell her when there is a need for a little improvement. I think she's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

About Sophia by D.B. Reynolds:

Carolyn, Newark, NJ says:

"What an exciting, gripping and entertaining listen as each well crafted scene played out with drama, humor, passion, sex, danger, intrigue, heartache and thrills that only leaves you panting for more. And, to top it off, Traci Odom's narration brought each individual character to life, injected all the right amount of emotion for each scene and, in doing so, created a perfect listen."

Patricia, Shreveport, LA says:

"Traci Odom is awesome and makes the story come alive never get boring - can't imagine anyone else being Cynthia!"

About Raphael by D.B. Reynolds:

Lilian, Seattle, WA says:

"Traci did a great job breathing life into each character. Her narration of each scene, whether funny, scary or dramatic was spot on and kept me entertained!"

Jule, Redford, MI, says:

"Great first book in the series. I really enjoyed listening to it. Just the right balance of Story and Sex. Liked it so much I am going to down load book 2."

About Blood Passage by Connie Suttle:

Barbara, Knoxville, TN says:

"When a book has a good narrator I am never really aware of them. That's how good Traci is."

Amazon Listener, Fitjar, Norway says:

"She is one my top 3 of favourite female narrators. so 5/5 excellent job!"

About Frost Moon by Anthony Francis:

Maria, Citrus Heights, CA says:

"Can't Wait For Next Book," Traci Odom did a fantastic job reading, especially with all the distinct voices. It was a pleasure listening to her. She really bought the story alive."

About Ghost Light by E.J. Stevens:

Paranormaly Yours says:

"Traci Odom returns! YES! I love Traci :) She has a firm, no nonsense voice when narrating, but when it comes to her character voices, she completely transforms! Traci is a delight to listen to, and truly brings the story to life! I give Traci 4 Stars for her performance!"